Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation
formerly known as Lake Region Hockey Association

What is the Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation?

The Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation is the public name for the Lake Region Hockey Association (LRHA), which was the original youth hockey association for players in the communities of Arden Hills, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Shoreview, and surrounding areas. In 1993, Irondale and Mounds View created their own youth hockey programs to align with their respective high school boundaries. LRHA stayed in existence in order to run the pull-tab and gaming operations and support Irondale Youth Hockey, Mounds View Youth Hockey and other youth sports programs. In 2014, Irondale and Mounds View joined forces once again in an all-ages co-op branding itself as Mounds View Irondale Hockey Association. Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation (legally LRHA) remains a separate but related entity.

The board is made up of 12 members. 6 members represent Irondale and 6 members represent Mounds View. The board meets monthly and the meetings are public and posted on this website.

Why partner with the Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation?

For establishments with the capacity to host pulltabs, bingo, meat raffles, or other charitable gaming, partnering with MVIHF is a great option. Working with our organization has several advantages:

  • We support a great cause. Ice hockey has a long tradition in the State of Minnesota, though it has certainly changed over the years. MVIHF's mission is to promote and subsidize participation in this great sport.
  • We're an experienced and stable organization. MVIHF has been around for almost 60 years and we're not planning on going anywhere soon!
  • We're local. All of our charitable gaming hosts currently operate in the footprint of the area we support.
  • Sponsor promotion. We promote our charitable gaming hosts via websites, social media, tournament programs, signage, and more!
  • Sponsor support. In addition to promotions, our board of directors and our youth hockey community regularly patronizes our charitable gaming hosts for team events, meetings, or even just a night out. The youth hockey community typically shares photos, trophies, and paraphernalia for our hosts to display.
  • We're good partners. Most importantly, we're responsive, flexible, and amenable tenants. We work closely with our charitable gaming hosts to tailor our offerings so that all parties mutually benefit.

Very few charitable gaming fundraising partners can offer all of the above. Adding MVIHF as a charitable gaming partner can be very beneficial for your business via increased traffic and sales. For establishments who already host charitable gaming, switching to MVIHF is a great idea and should be the last switch you make!