Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation
formerly known as Lake Region Hockey Association

Designer Purse Bingo


Cowboy Jack’s - 2397 Palmer Drive New Brighton, MN

Saturday February 9th, 2019 1:00 pm


Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation
P.O. Box 120054                    
New Brighton, MN
License # 01837               
Effective date: 5/19/2018

• One winner: Handbag from level 1 value up to $200
• Double winners: Handbag from level 2 value up to $100
• Three winners: Wristlets from level 3 value up to $50.00
• Four or more winners: Evenly divide cash prize of $150.00

• Must purchase eligible game packets (3 faces/sheet) for $20.00 each. If you are late, you still buy-in at the original buy-in and throw away expired games.
• Extra Sheets can be purchased for $2.00 each (3 faces/sheet) Eligible game packet is required to purchase extra sheets.
• No refunds or exchange on paper. All transactions are cash only.
• Persons under the age of 18 may not play bingo – no children allowed to play.
• It is the player’s responsibility to gain the attention of the caller.
• Must call bingo on the last number called. 

• Last number is valid until the letter of the next ball is called. 

• Once the caller had closed the game, no more bingos will be honored for that game.
• Daubers must be  used on all games.
• Bingo and/or jackpot may be cancelled by the director for lack of interest (less than 50 people) or any unforeseen circumstances.
• Prize receipts are required when prize reaches $100.00 or more. Bring your I.D!!
• No illegal gambling will be permitted.
• Floor workers are here to serve you and answer questions.
• Please direct any problems to bingo management whose decisions are final.
• All legal remedies will be applied to anyone caught cheating.
• You may obtain a copy of Rules & Statutes by calling the Minnesota Book Store at (612) 297-3000.
• Compulsive gambling help line: 1-800-437-3641